Devoted to my wonderful island coconut trees, the trees of life.

I am usually asked, "What encouraged you to follow your internal kid overviews to a beautiful exclusive island heaven to live the rest of your life bordered by coconut, the tree of life?" Below is my story.

At age 36, after traveling the world thoroughly, I had a solid vision to settle in my own excellent Dreamland with numerous coconut trees. I was then on a 16 year world layover, taking a trip along with my English partner Mark. Our journeys had actually taken us to several of the globe's most excellent, sturdy, tranquil, remote exotic wilderness and pet reserves, plus canyons, rivers, lakes and island heavens fringed with coconut trees. Though reluctant as well as awkward with individuals since a little lady, I was entirely unwinded in Mother Nature, particularly in the tropics near a cleaning sea as well as eating natural tropical food from the wild.

Throughout my journeys, short-term tourists would certainly usually ask questions regarding my long unusual trips. Impressed myself that much of my wild dreams became a reality, I would tell them I was blessed to have to name a few, Peter Pan and TinkerBell as my magical spiritual close friends. I pertained to think it and live by my magical tropical island desire.

My 'vision to resolve' was not your common 'Acquire a residence in the nation and settle'! My desire was an immaculate paradise someplace in the tropics away from individuals. It was personal and also had a lush exotic jungle backdrop. I can see an island surrounded by blue crystal clear water as well as a close-by coral reef, teaming with fish, with a lengthy white-sand beach fringed with coconut, my trees of life.

Amazingly, I could still see hill tops, caves and also underground chambers in the picture, also. I might see myself growing my natural garden, learning just how to eat coconut in many differed means, sprouting my natural seeds in my very own kitchen, eating cleansing raw food as well as having animals to support as well as like, but I was still uncertain if I would certainly live on an immaculate island beside an exotic blue-green blue sea or on some mystical hill.

Most people would certainly say this was an unreasonable fairy tale fantasy; to me it was actual. I recognized it was available and also I had to search. As well as with the help of Peter Pan and TinkerBell as my magical overviews, locate my pristine paradise and my coconut trees, I did!. Like a coconut cleaned to a much distant shore, I started from an organic tropical coconut seed on my tropical dirt, and then I expanded my exotic island origins. Later on I would certainly expand my strong trunk, my substantial eco-friendly fallen leaves and also fruits to share, growing solid with the trees of life surrounding me.

Finding the Soil to Plant the Coconut Seed

Mark had airline company tickets back to Australia, suggesting we try to find a place in tropical Cape Tribulation, Northern Queensland, another paradise we both liked. However residing in the West did not fit my magical journey and my way of living. I could feel my need of a heaven in the East, away from what most call 'normal' world. Still Mark was my partner; we had actually taken a trip with each other for greater than 14 years, sharing much love, joy and also experience. He would certainly frequently suggest I get up to truth and also I would certainly deal with inquiries like: Why did I, at 36 years old, still think such a fantasy fairy tale regarding an unique paradise with a white-sand coastline as well as coconut trees existed? Would I be looking my whole life for an unobtainable mystical island desire? Could there really be gods, sirens, fairies as well as spiritual guides as well as a remote island heaven I could survive?

While traveling via Malaysia on our way back to Australia, I was sharing my improbable private island desire with a Swiss couple while resting at a tiny street-side restaurant in Penang. Quickly both said that my vision sounded like the beautiful location they had just left, the incredible bay, high cliffs and also white-sand coastlines of El Nido Palawan, Philippines.

Promptly I heard bells in my head and felt Peter Frying pan close to me again saying the words "what are we waiting for?" l looked at Mark, who, though amazed with my mystical adventures, consented to add yet one more detour into our strategies to return to Australia. Weeks later after hiking out of the ordinary with rice paddies as well as waiting days in a crocodile infested waterfront village for an once a week market watercraft, we located our means to the remarkable shores of Bacuit Bay, residence of 21 immaculate islands, with coconut fringed coastlines and also the main town of El Nido.

After just two weeks right here, surprising even me, I was determined that I would locate my island dream in among these unique treasures. Mark had not the heart to share my desire, yet I heard myself tell him, "I will manage it alone from right here and also find my beautiful coconut fringed island." We bid farewell, he thinking I would pertain to my senses with time and also experience. I knew I was here permanently. Four months later, along with Peter, I was revealed the extraordinary shores of my destiny. As if my pleasant spiritual guides had swung their magic wands, mostly all of my desires remained in front of me on this tiny enchanting island of Malapacao. It was my unique, magical location here in Asia. It was a gem surrounded by other gems, a pearl in an immaculate area. It was a tropical island surrounded by blue crystal clear water, a neighboring coral reef. teaming with fish ... It had a lengthy white-sand beach fringed with my precious tress of life.It had a lush tropical forest background ... It had numerous rugged mountain heights, a cavern and also a grotto for reflection ... Turtles checked out the shore typically to lay their eggs and unique tropical birds shared area with vibrant butterflies, dragonflies, lacewings and also my trees of life.

If every one of this was insufficient, it had actually a sculpted little swimming pool just on the shore that I can use as my wanting well for future queen dreams. I was delighted as well as crazy. Discovering my vision had actually taken all of three months. Currently making it my tropical paradise house and also Peachtree City roof cleaning coming to be self enough on coconut and organic food was going to be the dedicated work of my life, an obstacle like relocating a mountain!

It was September 1987, over 23 years ago, when I was washed to these shores with Peter Pan as well as TinkerBell, arriving with virtually no savings left. Few westerners lived in our location, few citizens had actually met a foreigner as well as less spoke English. Even though I was well traveled, living among individuals from such a basic culture was like going back in time half a century or more. I was ever-so environment-friendly!! I had not also thought it through, how I would certainly make it through eating my cherished coconut, what I would certainly provide for funds. My family members (though not close) believed like Mark did, that day I would certainly return to my detects and also return to Australia; there was no chance I was going to ask for any kind of financial assistance.